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Translation from Danish and French

Having lived, worked and travelled in Scandinavia, France and Switzerland, as well as other parts of Europe, I am familiar with much of the cultural context of what I am translating, and I am therefore in a good position to use appropriate styles, registers and idioms when translating European material into English. This is especially true when I am working in my own areas of interest, that is to say education, the humanities and tourism.

My customer list has included:

Of the above, one has taken well–earned retirement, two companies have gone out of business and the agencies now only pay pennies – so translation is rather on the back–burner at the moment.

See my translation of the poem Til Ungdommen – To Youth, and read the article I wrote for The Friend about the poem and its author shortly after the mass killings in Norway in July 2011.

I am a member of the Society_of_Authors and the Translators'_Association.